Thursday, April 07, 2005

Keeping On Keeping On!

2219hrs DST Thu.- 7 Apr. 05
  This day was truly a thrill; enough pain to almost take away walking completely and that's with a full dose of 3 pain killers 24/7. That being said; why do I really care..........apparently there is still a part of me that wants to whip whatever comes my way. Said stupidity will not get you a pop tart on the street corner...and you know how much we all like pop tarts.
  Well 10 days  to pre-op and 17 days until implant; really getting on my nerves. Last major surgery was a real kicker (fun) wake up with a tube down your throat for air and a tube coming out one nostril to drain the stomach which is sucking blood. The wraps on the legs pumping up and then down to keep blood clots from happening! You want to talk and you realize the tube will not allow that so you wait 12 hours until tube is taken out. By now you are wondering how much blood can be pumped out of stomach and of course an ICU Nurse from Hell. That's when you decide I am blowing this scene ASAP!!
  At any rate the one coming up should not be that bad (so you tell yourself). That's what is so much fun about life; a new challenge everyday and be thankful for the opportunity!


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