Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Another fun day---What can I say anyway?????

0123hrs DST Tue.- 5 Apr. 05
Well this past Monday was a fun day to say the least; a fun visit to the Urologist regarding kidney stones and prostate. As usual an X-Ray first at Diagnostic Imaging and then off to see the Doc. Never mind that I have seen him probably 15 times before for Lithtoripsys on 2 1 inch calcium stones caused by the diruetics used to combat the Congestive Heart Failure; we knew that there were some fragments left in the left kidney from before when treatment was not finished because my Primary Care Physican diagnosed a ruptured appendix as a kidney stone fragment casuing pain......that went on for 7 days before the PCP said "Oh my your appendix is ruptured and I am afraid your system is septic and you are going to die ( a simple blood test on my first visit would have verified the ruptured appendix)..........but not this clown of a doc.)
So at any rate the Urologist wants no part of this as he now says the stone is in a part of the kidney that will have to be removed by inserting a tube into my back and then on the second day go in and remove the stone......damages kidney and a real good chance for infection. Plus he is scared by the fact that I am now at 20% ejection fraction from the left atrium...ie Congestive Heart Failure NYHA Stage #3. On Monday 4/18 I will do one more test to see that the Cardio Resyc Therapy Pace Maker( Leads to Right Atrium and Left Atrium) is to be installed; if the test results are the same as before it will be done on the following Monday 4/25. Now I know there are alot of people out there going thru a lot worse things than I am and to them I say kick ass and take names and never say die!!!!
I will making more posts as time goes on and one things for sure it will either get better or worse.

This is a site that I really enjoy and hope that you will to!

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Anonymous K.Bee>> said...

Like your picture from Faith Mouse.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005 1:17:00 AM  
Anonymous dRae said...

A quick note to let you know we have you in our hearts and prayers Mr. B., and wish you all the best in upcoming op.
Just keep that chin-chopper up and know GOD loves you. So do we!

Thursday, April 14, 2005 8:33:00 AM  

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